Vintage Watches

Alternative investments in physical assets have proven to be crucial to successfully diversify a portfolio. 

Colourless Diamonds as investment class is evolving beyond its traditional ability to preserve, relocate and pass on wealth. This is due to macroeconomics, a supply/demand gap set to widen and the evolution of the sector. 

Fancy Color Diamonds are a hard asset that can hedge against inflation and the devaluation of paper money with low correlation to other asset classes and almost zero correlation to equities.

Vintage Watches remain an attractive proposition for investors beyond the advantages in taxation. The recent organic growth in demand and historical upward trajectory in value render this class unique.

Coloured Gemstones are mostly extracted from small mines  and the fragmented rough market ensures an organic appreciation. Depletion of historical deposits is a primary cause of appreciation.

Antique Jewellery is a coveted investment vehicle. Availability is limited and stock is primarily held by private collectors rendering supply fragmented.

CECERE Cecere Monaco diamonds

Cecere Monaco is a brand of Cecere Sarl ( registered in the Principality of Monaco, trusted member of Chambre Monegasque  Horlogerie  et  Joaillerie  and  of  Monaco Diamond Exchange and registered diamond trader of RapNet (Rapaport).​

Cecere Monaco is an alternative investment firm specialized in diamonds, precious gemstones, vintage watches and jewellery. 

Colourless Diamonds are ethically sourced under the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme from off-market pools applying a narrow selecting criterion to deliver a superlative bid/ask spread; diamonds are natural, mined and certified.

Fancy Color Diamonds prices had an uninterrupted upward trajectory for over five decades and the value appreciated without ever falling.

Vintage Watches' parameters are set to meet investment requirements and regulate risk; the watches are sourced exclusively from one of the largest and most reputable off-market pools globally.

Coloured Gemstones' country of origin is a very important factor and it drives appreciation. Therefore access to off-market reservoirs of gemstones with certified provenance is essential to invest.

The company pioneers in an area of alternative investments strong of its expertise across classes, knowledge of the market and strategic access to the supply chain.