Fund Management.

A portfolio of physical goods can be packaged and managed to enable a bank to offer to its clients and banking partners securities which will be representative of physical assets. 

The construction of the portfolio is based on the risk/return profile chosen for the investment strategy.

The structure can include a Special Purpose Vehicle to issue shares to be placed by the bank to investors. This is to allow multiple issuance of shares overtime enabling both a static and an active management of the portfolio.

The purpose of this structure is to allow both an initial issuance of different series of shares representing an equity interest in different portfolios of assets with different risk/return profile – and multiple issuances of shares over time to be placed periodically to investors.

The SPV will issue shares which will be placed by the Bank to its and its banking partners’ clients. The investment will have mid to long term horizon. The proceeds of the shares will be used by the SPV to purchase from CECERE MONACO a portfolio of assets based on a pre-agreed risk/return profile.

At the time of liquidation, the investor may give mandate to CECERE MONACO to sell the portfolio to achieve the most advantageous exit from the investmentat. The assets may be insured and lodged with a depositor of choice in a tax-free zone at a number of locations around the world.