Investing in

           Physical Assets.




Alternative investments in physical assets have proven to be crucial to successfully diversify a portfolio. 

The high concentration of value per gram sets these classes aside from other alternative investments and it presents investors the opportunity to diversify the portfolio with highly portable untraceable assets. 

The investment strategy can have a dual focus:
Static – buy and hold approach for the entire investment period – and
Active – portfolio actively managed over the investment period through trading based on market performance. 

CECERE MONACO procure these physical assets and sell the portfolio to the investor. At the time of liquidation, the investor may give mandate to CECERE MONACO to sell the portfolio to achieve the most advantageous exit from the investmentat. The intent of this structure is to enable the investor to timely liquidate the assets at an attractive market price.

The objective is therefore to present the investor with a portfolio competitively priced with a spread that overcomes the limitation of a class that lacks an index price and yet is rich in opportunities.

The assets may be insured and lodged with a depositor of choice in a tax-free zone at a number of locations around the world.

Diamonds and Gemstones are not subject to Capital Gain Tax or Inheritance Tax in most jurisdictions. International and overseas transactions may be exempt from Value Added Tax. Domestic transactions may be subject to Value Added Tax (TVA); tax-free storage is suitable for tax exemption.

Vintage Watches and Antique Jewellery are not subject to Capital Gain Tax, Inheritance Tax or Value Added Tax.  

The transaction refers to the acquisition of physical diamonds, gemstones, vintage watches and antique jewellery; special purpose vehicle companies that issue shares may also purchase. This enables banks to offer securities that are representative of physical assets.




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